Categorize Your Calendar Events on Time Captis

Multiple tasks, business events and important family obligations can blend together to create a chaotic mix of endless to-do lists and pending appointments for you. Maintaining an online calendar is a great way to bring order to your life because you can use it to manage multiple events and tasks efficiently. Again, if you juggle multiple calendars, you probably waste time checking all of them to see whether your tasks are on schedule or whether or not you are actually free on a given date. With Time Captis you can add your events to your calendar, including personal events and work-related/business events and you can check all of your most important commitments in a single glance.

As for functionality, Time Captis focuses on improvements for users. With the latest update, you will be able to categorize your Calendar events as Personal or Business in the Web App that enable you to quickly scan and visually associate similar events, and plan your day better. The update in the Mobile Apps will be rolling out in future.

When you add an event to the Calendar, you have the option to choose and save it as Business or Personal.

Your tasks, personal events and business events appear in different color codes in the Calendar, that helps you easily identify and organize them and plan your time better.

If you have any questions about how to use Time Captis, check out our Help Resources – we have exhaustive documentation and online help resources available, to help you get started.

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