Create Professional Invoices for Billing Your Clients with Time Captis

You have already spent time for your client(s) and have provided service(s) to them. Now, it is time for you to get paid. So, invoicing should be the easiest part of your process as fast and easy client billing ensures that you are not spending your valuable time doing back office work.

As for functionality, we focus on improvements for users. To help you unleash new levels of productivity, we have enabled the invoicing feature in the Web App for Time Captis. The update in the Mobile Apps will be rolling out in future.

With the latest update, regardless of whether you are an individual or working in an organization, you can create invoices for your clients using a professionally designed invoice template in matter of minutes.

In the Settings tab, you need to first customize the logo and enter your company details including name, address, email, website address, telephone number etc., to complement your business identity in the invoice. Moreover, you can also set your preferred currency in your invoice.

After inputting your company details, from the “Invoice” page or from the “View” page for a client, you can quickly create an invoice, with a form that helps you to add line items, price, quantity, tax applicable for individual line items and the total tax details liable to be calculated on the final invoice amount (if applicable).

You can download the invoices in PDF format and can print the same for billing your clients. Moreover, you can export the invoice report for all your clients in CSV format.

If you have any questions about how to use Time Captis, check out our Help Resources – we have exhaustive documentation and online help resources available, to help you get started.

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