Productivity Tips: How to be More Productive

It seems like you are someone who wants to perform at a high level, be productive, but are stuck. But what does “being productive” mean? Does it mean working for long hours? No. Being productive means how you utilize your time, effort and resources in the best possible way at work. In other words, productivity does not mean working harder; it simply means finding ways to work smarter.

So how to be productive?

In this video, Time Captis Inc.’ s Founder Mr James O’Connor shares few productivity tips that you can implement in your day to day life to be a more productive human.

First, embrace the tools that make you effective. For example, you can use the to-do list feature of Time Captis to keep track of your to-dos.  While creating your list or multiple lists, ensure that the items with high priority should come on the top of your list followed by the ones that do not need much attention at the moment can be moved to another list so you will not forget them. Also, you can mention the amount of time that should be allocated to accomplish each of the items on the list. This will help you plan better.

By using the Calendar you can ensure that you schedule everything. With the calendar feature of Time Captis, you can block time on the Calendar for specific tasks, so that you force yourself to solely focus and complete them. It is a great way to ensure that you are not spending your time browsing through social media, getting distracted by notifications, emails etc. In addition, with Time Captis you can also categorize your Calendar events as Personal or Business that enable you to quickly scan and visually associate similar events, and plan your day better. 

At times, you may also have to collaborate with your team members to work on a particular task. Embrace Time Captis that makes collaboration and sharing easy. You can share your To-do List Names, Clients, Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks, Notes and Memos easily with others.

Start your day by reviewing your to-do lists and tasks for the day to understand what you would like to accomplish. This ensures that your focus is on what it should be. If you start your day without any direction it is more likely that you end up focusing on things that do not matter much and increase the likelihood of procrastination.

Complete the most important and demanding tasks first. As you work through the day, tick off the items on your list as you complete them. It generates a feeling of success and forward motion and motivates you.

So the key to be productive is to structure and organize everything that you possibly can. Time Captis will help you do this with a simple and easy to use app.

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