Upgrade to Time Captis Pro and Take Your Productivity to the Next Level

Upgrade to Time Captis Pro

The time you have to devote to do things is one of your most valuable assets. Time Captis helps you make better use of your time, work better, make smarter decisions and reimagine the way you track time.

To make managing your team easier, upgrade your Free Subscription to a Pro Subscription. With the Pro Subscription, you can make informed decisions to boost your team’s productivity, increase your profits and effortlessly meet deadlines.

Better Collaboration
Collaborate better with your team with shared to-do lists, tasks, calendar events, contacts, clients, notes and memos.

Team Management and Planning
Track how much time your team spends on different tasks and clients. Use this data to plan & manage your time and team members efficiently.

Bill Clients Accurately
Refer to past tracked times for clients and use this data to decide how much you should be charging them for their upcoming tasks.

Track Task Progress
See how your team is progressing with the tasks. Detect delay by a team member and delegate to others to stay on schedule, so you hit your deadlines.

View Reports
View reports to know which clients are profitable for you based on how much time and cost your team spends for them. Use this information to cut loose any task or clients that aren’t worth your team’s time.

If you have any questions about how to upgrade your Free Subscription to a Pro Subscription, please refer to the Help Article.

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